We go beyond ordinary to service. Our mission is to provide victims of disaster a path back to normalcy.

We offer direct Insurance Billing

Water Damage Cleaning and Restoration Specialists

Water damage, from small leaks to large-scale flooding, can cause serious long-term damage to your property, promote mold growth and become a serious health and safety hazard. As a homeowner, it is important for you to find a reliable water damage company that can help you tidy up things in the event of a water leak and break in a water pipe. When your property floods, you alone know how damaging water can be, ruining the structure of your property and belongings and posing health hazards. When faced with such a situation, worry not! At Complete, we are professional water damage restoration experts.

Professional Mold Remediation Contractor

If you are you looking for a mold removal company to help you with mold remediation in an efficient and quick way, We are your solution! 
We offer professional mold restoration services. We take pride in doing the job right, helping clients with mold removal and cleanup. We have a professional team of mold remediators, trained to rid your home of mold.

Wind and Roof Repair Services

High winds can easily damage roofs, making your home’s interior vulnerable to water intrusion. Our full-service wind damage restoration includes 24/7 emergency board-up and roof tarping. All of us know that a thunderstorm, hurricane, windstorm, or tornado can happen at any time and prove devastating to life and property. The force of wind can severely damage or impact the roof of your residential or commercial property, ripping the roof off. Once the storm has passed, it is time to pay attention to your property to find whether everything is all right and prevent further damage. We can come to your rescue and help you successfully recover from these natural events and deal with hidden structural damages. The damages may include misaligned walls, split or twisted framing, ripped-off roofs, and undetected Water Damage Repair Services, Mold Remediation and Reconstruction Services

Catastrophe & Emergency Response

A natural disaster can be devastating to your property. Our services include water damage restoration, board-up services, debris removal, and reconstruction.
Severe weather and natural disasters can cause flooding, fires, and water damage that can lead to mold growth, wind damage, and structural damage to your home or business. Even the thought of starting the storm damage cleanup process may leave you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious. Let our restoration experts take the burden off your shoulders

Roof Tarp & Board-up Service

When a storm or other emergency leaves your home open to the elements, you must act quickly to help prevent further damage and protect your home’s interior. Roof damage to your home or business can be caused by a storm, fire, or other emergency. Damage needs to be addressed immediately to help avoid further harm by the elements or intruders. Our professional crews use roof tarping and board-up techniques to help keep your home or business secure while the roof is inspected and repaired